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Frequently Asked Questions
Can massage help with my headaches?
It has been my experience that many headaches involve the muscles of the scalp, jaw, neck, or upper back.  Massage therapy has been helpful for many in
reducing the severity and frequency of headaches.  Of course, it is important that your doctor rule out any medical causes of headaches.

What other conditions does massage help?
In my experience, massage can be helpful with low back pain, temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJD), to name just a couple.  Massage therapy can
assist in the recovery process from spinal and other surgery, physical trauma from sports injuries or automobile accidents and help prevent stress-related

What should I wear during a massage session?
During the massage session, you should wear what is comfortable to you.  Keep in mind that I will step outside the room while you disrobe climb onto the
table and put the top sheet over yourself.  I normally use lotion especially formulated for the type of massage therapy that I do, so I need access to your
skin to reach the muscles below it.  Some people prefer to wear their underpants while others choose to wear nothing under the sheet.  Sometimes the
work requires that you bring some comfortable shorts and a top, so please ask before you come.   What is most important is that you feel comfortable in
the room.  I would suggest that you bring something comfortable to leave in.

How often should I get a massage?
That depends.  There really isn't a firm rule on this, but I can assist you with that decision when you come in for a session.  We will consider your reasons
for seeking massage, your progress, as well as the other things you are doing to maintain your wellness including exercise and other stress reduction

How far ahead do I need to make my appointment?
The earlier you make your appointment, the more choices you will have.  There are occasionally same day appointments available, usually earlier in the
day and earlier in the week.  If your schedule permits you may want to consider a standing appointment.

More questions?
Please do not hesitate to call or e-mail me.  Kindly leave your name, number, and the nature of your call and I will return your call within two hours during
business hours.  (Friday afternoons may require a little more time for me to reply.)  I look forward to working with you.
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"Professional Massage for Pain Management and Deep Relaxation"

2470 Windy Hill Road, SE, Suite 227, Marietta, Georgia  30067
(770) 984-8040